Relief India for Destitute (RID) aims at helping those people who are unreserved and ignored by the rulers since long time.Due to disunited and economic inability they have to go through untrodden ways to continue there livelihood. Generally such people ¬†feel aggrieved and don’t come forward to fight against their plight of life and helplessness.

We have decided to prepare a plate-form to help them after understanding their trials and to help with one another without bearing any financial burden.As a result of it,RID born out after a deep analysis of the facts presently prevailing.

RID will help the unreserved and deserved equally without distinction of religion economic and political.It will serve dire needed people of society and will help to seek co-operation of all sections of society on social and humanitarian grounds.

National board have the right to change any provision of RID time to time as and when required.


1. To Help Education To The Needy.

2. Help For Marriage To Tha Needy.

3. Help For Medical For Chronic Disease.

4. Help For Accidents.

5. Help For Missing Peoples.

6. Help For Anti People Policies And Anti Social Element.

7. Help For Death Or Deceased.

8. Help To The Needy For Law And Order.

9. Help For Destitute Women.

10.Help For Blood Donation.

11.Help For Orphan.

12.Help For Old Age Home And Child Homes.

13.Coaching Centre For The Deserving And Personal Advise.

14.Help For Employment Democracy And Justice.